Praise for Michael George’s photography of New York

‘Michael George possesses a unique and probing view.’

‘Michael George is a highly accomplished photographer.’
Publishers Weekly

‘Michael George presents striking, beautifully composed architectural close-ups in both color and black-and-white.’
The New York Times

‘Michael George’s up-to-the-minute photo portrait of protean New York… Its sharp, vibrant pictures depict the people, vitality, and splendid architecture that make New York the capital of the world for so many.’
Popular Photography

‘The book, New York Today, is fantastic! I was impressed not only by the beautiful shot of Trump Tower on the cover, but also by the great photography throughout. I appreciate having been included in such a great project.’
Donald J Trump
The Trump Organization


The Rt Hon the Lord Healey CH MBE
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Sussex by the Sea
Martin Rowson
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